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For 50 years, Institutional Investor has built its reputation on providing award-winning editorial for the world’s most influential decision makers in global asset management and banking. This prestigious audience relies on Institutional Investor to provide in-depth coverage of the people and events impacting the world’s economy and all facets of institutional asset management. Institutional Investor offers highly-respected proprietary benchmark research and rankings on buy-side and sell-side research, hedge funds, corporates, fixed income and asset management, and has a proven history of anticipating the personalities and trends most likely to influence the global financial markets. The website and magazine reaches a highly engaged global audience and has regular features that focus on: Social Currency, Corner Office, Portfolio, and Masters (formerly Research & Rankings).

Institutional Investor’s All-Europe Executive Team Rankings

For more than 15 years, Institutional Investor has surveyed leading companies, buy-side individuals and sell-side analysts across the world to evaluate several aspects of investor relations communication and name the best investor relations programs, best CEOs, CFOs and IR Professionals in their sectors. The comprehensive, underlying research captured in the balloting process is used to compile Institutional Investor’s Investor Relations Perception Study. The Study is a reliable benchmark used by companies to measure their industry performance, effectiveness of their program, and the change in perception over time. Using specific performance metrics, the analysis is designed to help companies optimize their outreach and strengthen relationships with investors and analysts relative to the peers in their sector.

Institutional Investor’s established brand, methodology, and guaranteed voter anonymity earns the participation and trust of the world’s largest equity investors. Survey results of Institutional Investor’s All-Europe Executive Team reflect the opinions of more than 3,000 investment professionals at over 800 financial services firms every year.

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